Our Giveback

Moms on a Mission endeavors to give back to those with whom we share our vision. We are praying to empower you to give back, as well. You may not have much time or not an extra dime to dole out to another cause, but pray and ask God to show you what you CAN do. Your give back mission may look different from ours or other mom friends of yours. And, that is okay. We all have different situations, time availability and financial resources. But, if we all give back on a level that works for us and support various groups, schools, and organizations, together, we can push back against this organized assault on the hearts and minds of our children. Roy T. Bennett said, “Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying”. The children of our nation are waiting for us to defend them!

It’s time to give back today. Lara Logan said, “Our window to oppose these things is closing rapidly. And people are still sitting on the fence deciding what they can risk and what they can’t risk. And they don’t realize that it is not a burden, this decision and this moment we are in, it’s a gift”. Decide that you will not let another day pass until you have found a way to give back in some way or another. Do something even if it appears to you to be insignificant. I am reminded of when Jesus fed the 5000. He could have caused massive amounts of food to appear out of thin air. He could have done anything. I find it so interesting that he chose to use just an ordinary lunch. He chose to use what that little boy had in his hands. He chose to use the ordinary to create the extraordinary. God is a multiplier. But zero multiplied by zero is still zero. We need to give something..time, energy, money, or other resources and then watch God, the master mathematician, multiply the ordinary in our hands.

A portion of every dollar Moms on a Mission receives is sewn into the Christian classical education mission of Hillsdale College. Hillsdale College instructs students with the absolute truth of the Word of God, along with other primary sources, to ensure that history is not rewritten. The Hillsdale motto is: “Learning, character, faith, and freedom: these are the inseparable purposes of Hillsdale College”. Imagine sending your student to a college where you do not need to be concerned that your child will be indoctrinated instead of educated! How wonderful would that be? Pete Hegseth stated in his book, Battle for the American Mind, “It’s sad to say, but if I had a dollar for every parent I met across America in a Fox & Friends diner segment who told me that they sent a patriotic, faith-filled conservative off to college and soon had an America-hating socialist on their hands…I’d be a rich man. Save for a few exceptions—Hillsdale College, Liberty University, College of the Ozarks, to name a few—higher education is a wasteland”. This is just where we have chosen to give back.You can give back with whom your mission aligns. The important thing is to find someone or some organization with whom you can come alongside and help.

It’s important to give back because we are stronger together than apart. There is a synergistic effect that occurs when we lock arms and pursue a mission together. It’s empowering when you are not alone pushing back for the sake of truth. There was a social psychology experiment that was performed a long time ago in which they looked at something called “group-think”. Group-think is defined as “the practice of thinking or making decisions as a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility.” In this social experiment, there was a group that witnessed a fictitious attack on an individual. I remember the experiment highlighting the inactivity of the bystanders because they assumed someone else would help. We see this happening today when there are opportunities to join organizations, attend city council meetings, go to school board meetings, financially support various political candidates, and the like. Many good moms, and frankly many Americans, are factually busy and distracted with life. The thought is that someone else will do something, donate time, contribute money, stand up, or speak the truth. But, the truth is that if we all erroneously think that, nothing will get done and the greatest heist on this planet will take place in our schools, cities and nation. Galatians 6:7 says, “What you sow, that you will also reap”. We know that beyond a shadow of a doubt that once you get involved and sew time, do something, say something, or stand for something, God will bless you with more of what you need! Promise!

How can you give back? One simple, quick way is to support like minded businesses. It’s easier to discover the mission of small businesses or businesses who are more vocal about their worldview. You could intentionally seek out these types of places and choose to use your dollars to advance their missions instead of missions with which you do not align. Businesses such as Mypillow or Beverly Hills Precious Metals are utilizing some of their profits to push back in this war of narratives by speaking the truth. Lara Logan said, “It’s not your truth or my truth. That’s a deception. We want to be reasonable. We want to be tolerant. We want to be understanding. We absolve these narratives without even thinking about it. The only thing that actually protects us is that certainty of knowing that nobody can change the truth. The truth itself is absolutely inconvertible. That’s what protects us from our own bias. Truth never changes or buckles”. Another way to give back is to volunteer in local organizations advancing our mission. There are conservative groups in towns and cities that have started to educate parents and citizens. We have found that many will have a facebook group that you can join. Lastly, you can give back by volunteering in your child’s school. Being in the school allows you to see what that experience is like for the teachers and students and helps you, as a mom, learn.