Get Involved

America’s General, General Michael Flynn said, “Local action makes a national impact”. We understand that this cultural and spiritual war of narratives can feel overwhelming at times, but we moms, fueled by the power of God, can accomplish a lot together. It takes a village! One email at a time, one school board meeting at a time, one friend at a time, and reading one book at a time, we can lock arms and educate, awake, and activate our fellow mama bears.

Here are some specific ways to get involved:

  1. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom and ideas about what you can do.
  2. Start regularly attending school board meetings.
  3. Review your child’s books and curriculum. Get online and review books digitally if books do not come home.
  4. Start a group where you can pray and discuss issues along with potential solutions.
  5. Read The Battle for the American Mind and The American Story.
  6. Listen to podcasts to educate yourself while doing laundry, cooking, running errands or waiting to pick up your kids from school.
  7. Educate your children from the Bible and primary sourced information. Teach them in an age appropriate way about the cultural spiritual warfare that is raging. That will empower them as students to discern when they are taught concepts that conflict with a Biblical Worldview.


Who should get involved?

Any mom, or concerned adult for that matter, who believes in education over indoctrination. Over the last 100 years, primary sourced history has slowly and intentionally been removed from the classroom. Opinions and lies, with deliberate plans to remove the Christian foundation on which our founding fathers built this great nation, have been taught as truth as a way to shift our culture to create a godless America. It all starts with our children. If our children can be indoctrinated with non-primary sourced propaganda, then these lies will take root and grow in their hearts and minds which will in turn massively change the culture and course of our nation to a godless people with no anchor of God’s truth. This new progressive culture is all based on your feelings, your truth. There is no “your truth”. There is one truth and his name is Jesus. He said, “I am the way, and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)


When should you get involved?

The time is now! So, when we thought about starting this podcast, we thought about how busy we are as moms and wives. Let’s face it, we make the world go round. Ha! We thought it may be better, easier, and more comfortable to wait until our children were out of school. But, the more we prayed about it, we heard God say that the time is now! The Godless, downward spiral of our nation is accelerating at an unprecedented pace. If we all wait until we are comfortable and have time, we will never get involved and it will be too late. We know it can feel and seem like there is nothing just one mom can do to make an impact, but that is a lie. You just have to make the decision that you will no longer stay on the side lines and that you will do something. Just do what you can. Commit to that. Ask God for divine connections and opportunities. We promise, He will deliver!

Where are some of the local places that you can get involved with?

Here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we have a few conservative women’s groups that have recently started that work to help candidates win school board and city council races. There are also various moms across our city who have started small groups to communicate issues and work in solidarity to address concerns and bring solutions to the various schools that their children attend. You could google in your particular city or town to see if there is anything like this. If not, you could start a small group on your own. Maybe just meet for coffee or lunch to talk?


Why is it important that you get involved?

If we don’t get involved, our schools and subsequently our children and country will soon be unrecognizable. Governor Ron Desantis recently shared that the purpose of education is not to impose ideology and be an instrument for social justice. It’s the pursuit of truth and it’s about equipping students with foundations so that they can think for themselves. This is called critical thinking. But modern academia is about imposing an ideology. Pete Hegeseth said in his phenomenal book, Battle for the American Mind, “The real battlefield isn’t colleges; it’s kindergartens. The battlefield for the hearts and minds of our kids is the 16,000 hours they spend inside the American classrooms from kindergarten to twelfth grade…it’s the 16,000-hour war, for our kids and our country”. If you don’t stand up, who will? Our country was founded by courageous men and women who forsook comfort and popularity for truth. Now, it’s our turn to take a stand. Pete Hegeseth also said in this same book, “We have to make big, bold personal choices that will alter the trajectory of our most precious weapon: the affections of our children”. Let’s lock arms and do this together. We are here to help in any way possible!


How can you get your friends and family involved to make a greater impact?

This is the easy part. You can just share your experiences and ask them to join you in this push for truth. Over communicate concerns, issues, solutions and successes. Make it simple for friends and family to get involved. You might try hosting a get together at your house or simply be an organizer and set up a coffee date or lunch. You can just be the initiator and share your experiences. Many family members and friends are simply needing someone to start something and then they will follow. Maybe this is what God has called you to do as a mom to make a difference? If everyone does something, we can make a massive difference for the better together!